Incredible India

How we destroyed the object of Modern Art

If you can guess what appears in the photo, then you probably still have a shadow of a doubt. Too unexpected. Really. Finally, incredibly conceptual.

Being an architect with more than 20 years of experience and knowing exactly how this creation appeared on the wall of an Indian hotel, I still wasn’t completely sure if it was an art object in front of me.

Wouldn’t it turn to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars after? Or maybe it belongs to a private gallery or an auction and is here just by chance?…

But no, this magnificent and super-conceptual work belongs to Pravin – the electrician. In his visions, influenced by an absurd state of Samadhi and Rajesh, he run the electric cable in this way – leaving sacred symbols on the walls through the grooves.

Sadly, because of our ignorance, this art object, like many others, has already sunk into oblivion. The secret symbols were patched during the repair works – with the mercenary motive of project completion.

We are always here to save such assets!
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