About Us

Zelyoni is workshop that brings together a core team of professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design and branding –

who had successfully implemented a vast number of private and commercial projects.

What makes Zelyoni different is the ability to provide end-to-end project solutions, where all the elements of the project are analyzed correspondingly. Hence leading to significantly appropriate and maximized results where the budgets and deadlines of the project are optimized and effectively met.

Zelyoni always follows a clear order of actions – starting work only after the project goals are determined and the detailed framework of the project implementation is sketched. Working in accordance to a detailed action plan insures against future corrections, adjustments, additional, unaccounted for expenses and missing deadlines.

At Zelyoni we believe that every project is unique – due to its inherent features like- location, target audience, scale, timing and budget, and can be efficiently implemented only if it is created from a scratch. Combining our impressive experience in the field of architecture and design, we avoid replication, which is proven to be more effective than individual solutions. We recommend contacting us at the very first phase of the project – while defining its goals and objectives, as this can notably optimize the deadlines of the implementation and the total cost of the project.



Why «Zelyoni»?


Although the brand identity is a significant part of our business, in the case of our own naming and logo, we liked to go beyond the ordinary frames and create something truly spectacular and new, expressing a certain irony towards the classic approach in the naming of architectural studios and branding agencies.

This is how “Zelyoni” was born – consciously surprising and unique which also reflects our approach to the business. Having implemented a vast number of successful projects, we do not perceive ourselves too seriously. We are full of passion towards our work, showing creative and individual approach and enthusiasm to every new project.
This is what helps us to build open and strong partnership with our clients – finding the most effective solutions for their projects – meticulously thought out to the last detail.