Apartment in the “Italian Quarter” Residential Complex

Concept development and design solution for an apartment with a total area of 170 m2. Moscow, Russia - 2017

In 2015, we began the development of a planning solution and interior design for the apartment in a slightly classical style. Our goal was to create an interior that would correspond fully with the timelessness and craftsmanship seen in estates of the past, but at the same time – would not be overloaded with exposed carvings, inlays, gold, etc. This approach allowed achieving maximal targeted use of the area, as well as utility and convenience for the everyday life in the apartment.

The developed planning solution implied the sectioning of the apartment into guest and sleeping areas.

Within the floor plan, careful consideration was given to each room so it would maintain its own character and identity. We designed the guest area in the form of a free space, divided by the portals – which unites the hall, the living room and the dining room, next to which the kitchen is located. The living room gives off the impression of being a lounge area – accommodating a sofa, armchairs and a low coffee table. As to the dining room – we have placed here a large dining table for 8 persons. The kitchen area includes a large number of storage units with enough space to arrange all the necessary kitchen appliances, as well as a separate dining table for 5 persons. Ensuring the interaction of the spaces, we have linked a hallway with a dressing room and a guest bathroom (with separate areas for laundry and ironing) to the guest area – located next to the common hall.
A tiny corridor leads from the hall to the sleeping area, that combines three separate areas: a master bedroom with a separate dressing room and a large private bathroom with shower and bath, small bedroom and the third bathroom with a shower.

To recreate slightly classical interior, we have chosen the furniture and decorative finishing of smooth colors, as well as gave privilege to the pure traditional textures.

We selected a unique combination of solid wood with classic French fir tree and natural marble for the flooring, covered the walls with pastel colored classic patterns (using fleece in common areas and textile in sleeping ones), and picked up the lighting that combines modern elements with a classical style. In addition, we applied two crystal chandeliers to the interior – placing them above the large dining table in the dining room and in the living room. The necessary furniture was selected according to the purposed style. All materials used for the interior were exclusively made by Italian and French manufacturers and carried historically authentic design.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Rafael Bostanjyan – Design
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation
Alexandra Rozhko – Design / Equipment
Sergio Sforza – Visualizations