Casting Café

Logotype and corporate identity. Moscow, Russia - 2018

Casting Café is a concept of an urban cafe, focused on members of artistic and fashion audience: actors, producers and models. Casting Café is conceived as a spot where all these people make acquaintances, come together and create things that will become fashionable and trendy soon.
Accordingly, the corporate identity of this facility was created corresponding fully to the values of the target audience. It should be charged with positive energy, originality and charisma, fitting into the context of the existing standards of fashion industry.

Two Cups of Coffee

Two cups of coffee

Gender symbol

Gender symbol

Brands and Fashion

Brands and Fashion

Casting Cafe Initials

Casting Cafe Initials

The main components of the future visual image were identified by the Studio and the customer as – “Fashion”, “Coffee”, “Casting” and “Communication”. Combining all these features, its branding had to be original, concise and simple in presentation.

The developed logotype solution includes the brand name and “Casting Café” brand writing.

The designed logotype looks like a top view of two cups of coffee, connected, or rather “grown together” or even overlapping. Visually speaking about communication and getting closer , the sign represents “CC” monogram and refers to the familiar signs like “Chanel” and “Gucci”; as well as causes associations with sunglasses and even beautiful female shapes.’

The “Casting Café” brand writing is carried out in a strong, contemporary font. Its capital letters “C” are decorated with cup “handles” – linking all elements of the logo with each other and revealing the brand name as an abbreviation of “Casting Café”.

On the top of it we came up with a non-standard fantasy descriptor – “Chooseteria”, meaning “selective”, that fully reveals the concept of the facility.

Casting Cafe - Corporate Uniform


Casting cafe - Identity

Corporate Identity

As a result, we got a very simple, trendy, modern and even, at first glance, seemingly familiar, but at the same time – completely original and memorable logotype. Besides, it perfectly fits all necessary formats developed fo the facility – from packaging and glassware branding – to staff’s uniform.

In addition, we have provided additional opportunities to play around with the logo through different variations, such as – the presented version with the eyes inscribed in the logo – making the branding even more dynamic and providing it with a touch of self-irony.

Agasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Manager
Mark Levitsky – Graphic Design