“Etaj” Restaurants Chain

Logotype and corporate identity development. Moscow, Russia - 2016

Twelve years after the launch of its first restaurant, it was decided to update the image of the “Etaj” restaurants chain – to meet better current trends and expectations of the customers – modern urban residents of different age groups.

“Etaj” writing inscribed, added dynamics to the logotype, achieving absolute neutrality, which allowed using it organically within various interiors and surfaces.


Inline with new logotype, our studio has developed a complete set of branded elements inspired by the urban theme, including patterns in the form of a stylized city map – showing the locations of “Etaj” restaurants. The created element was used for the branded packaging, such as the redesigned pizza delivery box, that due to its perforation can be used as small pizza plates for 4 persons, easing greatly the recycling process. Such decision also shows brand’s nonstandard approach towards ordinary things, making the life easier and more convenient.

It’s also worth to mention the menu, developed by “Zelyoni” for the “Etaj” restaurants chain, which is a glossy magazine for youth, where the menu is intimately tied with the flagship advertising images, short notes on current gastronomic and fashion trends, recipes of meals and cocktails – making the guests to pick up their copy. In addition, considering the lifetime of a standard menu and the need for seasonal price updates, the chosen format turned out to be much more cost- effective, combining also a delivery menu and a flagship advertising platform.

Within the framework of the project for re-branding the “Etaj” restaurants, we have also developed concepts and design solutions for the interiors and summer cafes of the chain.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Philip Repin – Graphic design
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting