Hotel in Goa

Interior Design and Equipment (FF&E). Goa, India - 2019

Our Studio was involved in further development of already built and even furnished Rococco Mandrem hotel, after a failure of previous contractor. Accordingly, our task was to redesign the existing interior – making it attractive for the guests of the hotel.

Rococco Mandrem Hotel is designed in a contemporary style with an Asian touch. We decided to compliment it with some eco-design elements, which organically integrated in the design concept, as well as allowed us to effectively hide many defects left by the previous contractor.

The small lobby and reception desk of the hotel are finished in the tropical style. The green phytowall, located in the middle of the hall breathes life into interior and serves as a fence for the staircase, which leads to the upper floors. Adjoining the staircase zone, the phytowall wall isn’t limited to the ground floor and rises upwards – through all levels of the hotel, creating a climbing tree effect and providing natural world feeling.

Since the construction of the hall of the first floor has open walls, it was decided to glaze the reception area – in order to ensure its air-conditioning, and leave the lobby area with the walls open. However, due to the chosen techniques, the lobby space is perceived as an interrelated whole. This is facilitated by the overall style of the walls decorated with wood panels with flowerpots and vertical landscaping with individual watering and lighting – immersing the guests in something between a greenhouse and a tropical forest!
Delux room

In the lobby of the first floor there are two comfortable soft areas – equipped with sofas, armchairs and guest bathroom. The reception desk is identical to the one that we had developed for the Rococco Morjim Hotel previously. This helped us to visually “connect” both projects – with one of the most important elements of the interior, which forms the “face of the hotel”, as well as optimize the manufacturing expenses. On the top of this, the reception area is also decorated with a large marble slab, which perfectly fits into the overall concept of the interior and harmoniously completes the lobby area.

The residential part of the first floor of the hotel includes 9 “DeLuxe” rooms with individual access to the pool, which is limited only to the rooms’ guests. The second floor accommodates 10 “Standard” rooms with small gardens on the terrace balconies. The provided landscaping isolates them from the nearby houses and creates an atmosphere of privacy, supporting a feeling of closeness to nature.
Srandard room

The furniture and the interior were created mostly on the basis of the items previously purchased by the customer. Through some improvements, decorative elements and textiles, the Studio managed to visually improve the look of the Hotel rooms, as well as increase their status and achieve a greater level of comfort for Rococco Mandrem guests .

Agasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Manager / Interior Design
Alexandra Rozhko – Interior Design and Equipment (FF&E)
Vahagn Ayvazyan – Technical and Working Documentation
Ruben Mirakyan – Project Manager
Sergio Sforza – Visualizations