“KINOKVARTAL” Multiplex Cinemas

Concept development and design solution of the multiplex with a total area of 800 m2. Moscow, Russia - 2016

As a concept of the interior design for the “Kinokvartal” multiplex cinemas we used a “city-block” theme, that is usually characterized by it’s territorial self-sufficiency and absence of binding to any specific components.
Taking into account the urban topic of the “city-block” concept, we decided to choose most attractive interior materials and used concrete, glass, bricks, metal, terrace boards and open communications as the main style-building elements of the project. We had also expanded the use of the finishing materials for the interior design, such as – original concrete surfaces, pipes, ventilation system elements, etc. This allowed us to reveal the chosen concept of the interior, as well as significantly reduced the cost and timing of its implementation.

Entering the cinema, visitors appear in a large hall with a wardrobe and ticket office, behind which the movie bar, cafe and the play area are located. The cafe area is decorated with plantings: a tree in a vase stylized under metal barrel and a green phyto-wall. This, in combination with a panoramic glazing, gives an impression of a park or a winter garden and makes the waiting area more enjoyable for the visitors. The playing area is isolated and made in the form of a large yellow metal container. The cinema bar is complimented with a brickwork. Stylized colored barrels are used as trash bins throughout the multiplex.
The whole interior of the cineplex is inspired by the urban theme. With that in mind, we used screen-prints of the navigation features on the walls of the public zones. The pictograms and the signs of cinema halls, bar, restaurant and other areas are painted on the concrete walls, which, in combination with the scattered “street” graffiti on the walls, significantly highlights the interior and exposes its urban theme. This solution allowed us to discard development and production of any additional structures or information boards.

The restaurant of the cinema is located on the place of one of the movie halls, correspondingly named – “Hall No. 7”, unites elements of both spaces in it’s interior. The multi-level floors create an impression of an amphitheater, while the full-fledged mezzanine with the seating places at each level is constructed in the restaurant. The seating places look towards the screen, which is located over the bar area and is used to show short films, corresponding with the average time spent by the guests during dinners and lunches. Every design detail throughout this project reflects a commitment to create a movie-oriented restaurant concept, in a new and unexpected format that has no analogs at the time. The restaurant entrance is decorated with original-cut brickwork that allowed to achieve a new look for the regular urban texture.

We used composite flooring (because of its durability and efficiency) as a main floor covering in the public areas, while applying different types of coating in the rest of the zones – according to their philosophy and functionally. To re-create the atmosphere of warmth and coziness, we applied terrace boards in the cafe and bar areas and used rubber panels with ideal grip in the playing hall. In addition to this, our studio developed a suspended ceiling structure made of metal mesh – fully meeting the requirements for the fire safety of the public areas and uniquely fitting the proposed interior.

The proposed interior concept essentially differs from the solutions suggested by our competitors, as well as significantly optimizes costs and deadlines of the construction works by increasing the use of the original building materials and authentic textures of the premises.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Rafael Bostanjyan – Design
Philip Repin- Design and Visualizations
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation

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