“Panaehali” Cafe

Concept development and design solution. Moscow, Russia - 2015

(Russian for “There goes the neighborhood” phrase: expression of resignation and disapproval of racial minorities moving into previously all-white neighborhoods)

The idea behind creating the first truly dynamic cross-cultural gastronomic project was motivated by a desire to unite stories, characters and tastes from different parts of the World.

Starting the works on the “Panaehali’s” interior, we immediately identified the main message that reflects a large number of “moved in people”, united within the frameworks of this project, as well as the corresponding character of self-irony and optimism of the new place.

The area of the restaurant is divided into 5 levels – uniting numerous separate zones that are decorated in varying architectural styles. At the same time we prevented visual integrity of the restaurant, creating a feeling as though the interior was assembled by a large number of people, each bringing something of their own to Moscow. Each element is intended to evoke a sense of belonging, tradition and familiarity. In certain places the walls are covered with wallpapers, in others – painted with several layers of oil paint. The height of the ceilings and lighting systems vary from level to level. The staircase received attention through its metal structure, trimmed in a unique style on every flight. The bar counter “leans” on the old suitcases – set on each other. The taps and sinks in the bathrooms are assembled from old basins and water pipes.

The upper level received a painted table for big companies, an eight-meter sofa with six tables, a large bar counter and a column decorated as an old wardrobe.
At the mezzanine of the upper level we have arranged tables with cozy seats – showcasing the views to the main hall and the street through large windows. Meanwhile, the space of the upper level allows to organize events, including the musical performances.

The middle level of the restaurant is designed in calm green colors and is targeted for short morning coffee breaks and business lunches.
Located in the basement, the lower level combines a restored brick inset with fragments David’s statue, green floorboards and light colors – creating a feeling of freshness and brightness.

The facade and the entrance are carried out in an eclectic style, highlighting the restaurant from the street. Alongside the large bright-red front door, the green radiator is located, heating up the designated smoking area during the wintertime. The turquoise canopy Is crowned with the “Panaehali” logo, framed by white bulbs – in the style of vintage club signboards and a light-box with the brand’s ironic mascot – a grandmother with a stick and a hand-bag.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Rafael Bostanjyan – Design
Philip Repin – Design
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation

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