“Polar Star” Hotel Complex

Concept development and design solution. Norilsk, Russia - 2016

In the frameworks of reconstruction of the “Polar Star” hotel complex, we had an assignment to develop the interior design, design solutions and equipment of the hotel rooms.

The scope of this project required a major renovation of the hotel rooms: complete dismantling of the existing interior partitions and utilities, following by the replacement with new ones, according to the design plan.

The design solution and the essential idea of the hotel rooms’ interior design were based on the desire to re-create the space as comfortable and functional as possible – through design and constructive solutions, at minimum number of extra details. Minimalist interior proposed by our studio, in accordance with the current trends – is convenient and practical, based on the logic of balance of emotional and visual perceptions. It meets guests’ expectations and needs in the equipment and space, as well as takes into account the peculiarities associated with its maintenance: service, quick access to the utilities and replacement of the finishing elements, if necessary.

Every design detail throughout this project reflects a commitment to establish casual elegance without ostentation. We paid very close attention to the details that ensure the utility and durability of the interior and finishing elements. Thus, all functional angles and window openings are covered with protective panels, 15 mm aluminum frames protect the doorways, and the cornices are replaced with L-shaped aluminum inserts, providing perfect docking solution for the walls and ceilings. In addition, we have developed heating and ventilation solutions, selection of finishing materials and floor coverings, lighting coverage, as well as walls and floors soundproofing and noise control.

We had also developed a complete proposal for the rooms’ equipment, including furniture, plumbing fixtures, lighting and doors, selected both – on the basis of European manufacturers, as well as their Chinese analogues, which allowed optimizing and implementing the intended project within different budgets.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Rafael Bostanjyan – Design
Vahagn Ayvazyan – Technical Documentation
Alexandra Rozhko – Design / Equipment
Philip Repin – Visualizations

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