Street Bench for “Double Coffee” Cafe

Concept development and design solution. Moscow, Russia - 2010

Due to a lack of possibility to organize a full-fledged summer veranda, Zelyoni proposed to develop a solution for street seatings of “Double Coffee” cafe – in an attempt to bring events back into the realm of the Tverskoy Boulevard.

The solution was found by arranging double-chair benches with built-in small coffee tables along the facade of the building. The benches are located under the windows, connected by their backs with the window ledges, each of which has flowerpots and facade lamps, illuminating the canopies and the street seatings during the nighttime.

The concept of organizing street seating for the “Double Coffee” cafe, simplified the process of obtaining installation permissions from the city authorities by harmoniously associating them to benches located on Tverskoy Boulevard. On the top of it, our decision allowed to eliminate effectively the inconveniences, caused by the introduction of anti-smoking restrictions: similar solutions are used by a large number of bars, cafes and restaurants throughout Russia today.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation
Sirajudin Yahyalov – Visualizations