Apartment on Frunzenskaya

Concept development and design solution for the apartment with a total area of 125 m2 in Moscow, Russia - 2014

The goal of the design project was to create a modern apartment where the homeowners could enjoy a convenient and a functional environment.

The planning solution of the project was based on the preferences and habits of the future tenants – a family with two kids. The main concept was to split the apartment into two main areas: common and private zones. The common area features a single space, which unites interrelated premises: the hallway, corridors, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. The implementation of floor-to-ceiling frameless interior doors allowed us to achieve an impression of their absence, when opened.

The interior of the apartment integrates a variety of decorative wall finishing: wallpapers, natural leather and ceramics, as well as different lighting systems that allowed to illuminate the rooms differently – with the main light, highlighting of the individual areas and the background light. At the same time, the proposed design solution allowed to use to the maximum the natural insolation of the premises.
In addition, based on the client’s demand, we have provided the apartment with considerable spaces for storage – from a large closet in the hallway to a dressing room in the bedroom area.

Special attention was paid to the organization of the nursery space. Having a rather small area with a desk and two beds installed, we managed to provide a significant space for arrangement of floor and hanging elements. During the daytime one of the beds folds in the closet, expanding the playing area and allowing to workout on the pull-up bar.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Rafael Bostanjyan – Design
Philip Repin – Design
Alexandra Rozhko – Design / Equipment
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation
Philip Repin – Visualizations