“Chateau Voskevaz” Wine

Logotype and label development. Moscow, Russia - 2010

Development of logotype and label for the new product line of “Chateau Voskevaz” wine manufacturer was based on its name – “2B” that stranded for “Two Buddies”: the brand created by two wine enthusiasts from California. Challenging classical wine categorization system, they offered an “innovative winemaking” – a groundbreaking approach to blending, processing and fermentation temperatures, creating a truly new wine, free of the restrictions and strict flavor limits. At the same time, “2B” had a second meaning, expressed in the wordplay “To Be”, which was reflected in the company’s credo: “To be, not seem to be.”

Working on the task assigned, our team plunged into specificity of the new brand and came up with an idea of minimalism and simplicity for the visual design, emphasizing the new approach and features of the product. We proposed to use an original image of a “bottle in a bottle” as a logotype, which was based on the analogy with 2B – To Be – Two Buddies – Two Bottles. It was decided to place only “bottle in a bottle” sign on the wine bottles, supplementing them with a label.

The labels developed by our studio were made in a modern minimalist design and had three types of modifications – corresponding to the “Vintage”, “Select” and “Elite” series. Silk-screen printed, single-color image was applied to the “Vintage” wine bottles, including the “2B” logo and a font composition with the name of the wine, its type, series and year. The proposed image had 5 color versions – corresponding to 3 red and 2 white wines included in the series. Such kind of color-coding allowed consumers to navigate easily when selecting a wine of the presented line. Due to the necessity of using white color for the barcode, the counter label was made in two colors. Despite this, the developed solution provided significant facilitation of manufacturing – through a simple technology of labeling.

The youngest line of the brand – the “Select” series, were represented by five label versions, which color- coding corresponds to red and white wines, and were carried out through two-color printing on а self-adhesive paper.

Bottles of “Elite” limited edition wines were packed in original tubes, with labels, made in a similar way to the “Vintage” ones, printed on the bottles with gold ink, highlighting the status of the product. Small golden bows were glued on the necks of “Elite” series bottles, organically completing the visual image of the wines.
“Saverglass” company has successfully implemented the project.

“Vintage” Series:

“Select” Series:

“Elite” Series:

Within the framework of this project our designers have also developed the required branding elements for the logistics and sales: branded boxes, order forms, business records elements, etc.

Shortly after the launch of the production, in order to achieve costs savings, the manufacturer decided to transfer the production and labeling of the bottles from France to a local contractor in Armenia, which negatively affected the quality of implementation, making the future labels less attractive.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting