“Decast” Companies Group

Logotype series, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2013

“Decast” company was created on a basis of “PK Pribor” enterprise – a leading Russian manufacturer of water metering devices. “Decast” has expanded its operations by establishing a subdivision for the construction of engineering systems for residential and commercial buildings, as well as for the production of technical lighting devices in 2006. Following these transformations, it became necessary for “Decast” group to create its own visual image, which, should stay similar for the three companies of the group – visually separating these divisions from each other.

To achieve this objective, we developed an umbrella brand, which united the parent company “Decast Group” and its three divisions – “Decast Light”, “Decast Engineering” and “Decast Metronic”.

The trademark of “Decast” – is a fusion of forms associated with writing and projecting of the the capital and uppercase letter “D” in different dimensions. A unique symbol that contains the first letter of the company’s name in two projections creates an exiting optical illusion. Opening an active space, the effect of 3D logotype creates optical illusion of the trademark moving not only from side to side, but also back and forth. This effect is greatly enhanced by locating a “flat” corporate descriptor “Decast” next to it. “Decast” writing is purposefully softened in relation to the sign and aims to convey the key values of the brand: reliability, masculinity, experience and flexibility.

The sub-brands of the “Decast” Group are using the same corporate symbol and writing, to which an appropriate descriptor – “Light”, “Engineering” or “Metronic” – is added, as well as have their own color and patterns – made in a single visual style for the group.

In addition, Zelyoni studio has developed a complete set of the necessary brand materials and a detailed implementation guide for the corporate identity, including the concepts of layouts for the main formats of business records and presentation materials, travel directions, packaging branding, overalls, etc.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting