“Dilly” Gastrobar

Logotype and corporate identity. Moscow, Russia - 2018

Dilly is a brand new Gastrobar, located in Moscow. Our task was to create a positive and playful visual image of the brand – inspired by Dilly Duckling from the “Duck Stories” cartoon.

The designed logo combines three elements: “Dilly” signature writing , trademark impersonating Dilly Duckling and the supporting “Gastrobar” / “Гастробар” descriptor.



The signature writing of “Dilly” is a stylization of the classic animation format. It possesses a certain amount of irony by using uneven upper contour of the letters, forming an “alive” squiggly upper contour of the entire word. At the same time, the writing itself remains easy to read, creating obviously positive associations with the brand.

The trademark, impersonating Dilly Duckling, is made in the traditional frontal way, endowing the logo with playfulness, due to the recognizable character and classic cartoon style. The Chef’s cap on the title character’s head indicates the gastronomic orientation of the brand and emphasizes its inherent self-irony. The mascot image is authentic, created individually for this project in a positive manner and can be used in different versions of advertising and various branded marketing items.


Dilly - Identity and Corporate Uniform

Corporate Uniform and Identity

The “Gastrobar” / “Гастробар” descriptor is created as simple and readable as possible, using the classic “Arial Black” font, organically completing and balancing all the elements of the designed logotype.

Agasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Manager
Victoria Straw – Graphic Design