“DOLMAMA” Restaurant

Logotype, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2016

The branch of the legendary Yerevan restaurant “Dolmama” – one of the most famous gastronomic brands in Armenia – opened its doors in Moscow, in 2014.

Moscow branch of “Dolmama” was supposed to be more westernized – discreet and modern, possessing a clear associative connection with the famous restaurant through continuity acceptable for the clients.

Based on the client’s vision, our studio developed a set of elements for “Dolmama’s” corporate identity: the original logotype, writing, ornaments, etc.


The logotype developed by “Zelyoni” is inspired with the classical national images in combination with the medieval European heraldry. This, inline with the stylistically neutral “Dolmama” writing, allowed to create an individual and distinctive visual image, that clearly associates with the proposed concept.

Later, upon the client’s request, the sign was supplemented with the abbreviation “EVN”, which underlines the origin and belonging to the legendary restaurant in Yerevan.

The corporate identity guide allows using the logotype separately from its signature writing, providing a significant flexibility in branding. Along with the logotype and writing, the corporate identity set includes textures and original ornaments – based on the national images and elements. “Dolmama’s” branded palette consists of restrained shades of violet, warm peach and fresh cucumber colors.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting
Sirajudin Yahyalov – Visualizations