“Greene King” Restaurant & Pub

Corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2017

Founded in 1799, “Greene King” is one of the largest breweries in the UK, with more than 1,900 pubs and restaurants worldwide. In 2015, when launching the first “Greene King” pub in Moscow, our task was to develop an updated version of the pub’s logo, a full set of corporate style elements and a detailed implementation guide.

Over more than two hundred years of it’s history, Greene King has used several versions of logotypes, which stand for the network’s facilities in different countries being ununified till now. The history of “Greene King’s” logotypes was thoroughly studied and analyzed by our designers and was used as a basis for the visual image of the brand – tailored to the current trends and importance to adopt common branding standards for the network in the future.

The logotype defined by the studio brought together the “Greene King’s” trademark – a composition of the crown, arrows and dates of the brewery’s foundation and signature writing, developed on the basis of Optima fonts family. Upon our proposal, the “PUB & ROAST” headline was added – clearly conveying the essence of the brand positioning.

Brand colors, emphasizing the British origin and history of the brand became – the classical dark “British green” color, that was used before and the gentle shade of bronze – approved as a color of the “Greene King’s” trademark and the “PUB & ROAST” headline.

Within the frameworks of the project, we have also developed all major formats of the brand’s business documentation. Our designers have identified primary and secondary fonts for the internal use, inline with the promotional materials of “Greene King” and described approaches for creating printed promo materials in accordance with the major Hollidays celebrated in Russia, as well as developed several versions of menu for the restaurant – based on the concept of the design solution.

An essential part of this project was to identify and describe guidance on materials, textures, colors and shapes – used in creating components of related products for “Greene King” restaurants network. Here at “Zelyoni”, we have created a number of original trademarked components to use in pubs and restaurants of the brand. These include premium club cards – made in the form of a copper plate with as a beer opener; check holders – in the form of a leather wallet with the necessary parts for cash, coins and credit cards; signs for reservations – in the form of classical English bowler-hat, decorated with ribbons “Reserved”, as well as branded bottles for draft beer with the labels that should be filled in by hand – specifying kind, strength, bottling date, etc. of the beer.

In addition, we have developed several patterns for the design of the elements and related products of “Greene King”: the original pattern of tartan created with the brand colors, with a fitted diamond-shaped insert with the logotype – used for decoration of cardboard glasses, branded playing cards, etc., as well as a pattern consisting of the logotype, restaurant address and many additional graphic elements related to the restaurant and its themes – for branding of trademarked pouches, wrapping paper and for use in printed materials and promo posters.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic Design
Vahagn Ayvazyan – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting