Hotel “Rococco” Morjim

Concept development and design solution for the hotel in Goa, India - 2017

In 2017 our Studio began development of a planning solution for hotel with 20 rooms in Pernem, Goa.

Main specificity of this project was the necessity to use existing building structure (see the pictures below) that was built before engaging our team. The exciting structure included erected structural support columns and floors slabs. On the top of it, we were extremely short on time, as the client needed a fully developed solution in two and a half months from the start.

Hotel building is located on the main street of Morjim village, in 450 meters from the coastline. Previously built construction had a rectangular shape, with a bevel from the rear facade side, which predetermined greatly the developed design solution.

It was decided to decorate the facade of the hotel with contrasting decorative panels made of wood, which added a certain dynamics to the existing building. This also allowed us to fit an additional roof – made in the same style of wooden structures, which led to using the floor overlap, adding an extra fifth level to the project.

The project also includes placement of all necessary public areas and technical facilities, including:
Waiting area;
Luggage storage room,
Rooms for Staff (with bathroom and shower);
Elevator and stairwells;
Inventory storage room;
Isolated room for septic sewerage (with separate entrance).

On the ground floor of the hotel the reception area, lounge-zone and 4 residential rooms are located. Second and third floors include – 6 rooms each, and the last floor has 4 large rooms with their own terraces.

The planning solution of the hotel ensured the access to the floors and common areas, used by the staff – through elevator and stairs, as well as provided the highest percentage of rooms with a direct sea-view (8 rooms) and side sea-view (9 rooms).

Due to extremely short deadline it was decided to carry out the design and equipment works of residential rooms and public areas without design stage and visualizations – based on Studio’s experience and strong portfolio.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management / Design
Tigran Movsisyan – Architecture
Vahagn Ayvazyan – Technical Documentation
Alexandra Rozhko – Design / Equipment
Ruben Mirakyan – Project Manager