Intellectual Property Bank

Logotype Design and Corporate Identity Elements. Moscow, Russia - 2018

The Intellectual Property Bank – is a resource that allows you to secure the intellectual property rights by fixing a file with an electronic digital signature and exact time stamp of a state – certified center, in order to protect the authorship and create a basis for the legal protection.

Having an assignment to create a logotype for the Intellectual Property Bank, key features of which has to correspond with the image of security, trust and intelligence, our Studio thoroughly analyzed the brand specifics. The detailed research allowed us to find a possibility for a much broader presentation and popularization of the developed logotype. Our idea was to put into circulation a special symbol, by analogy with the icons of Registered Trademark (R), Trademark (TM) and Copyright, encouraging authors to mark their own content.

ipb sign

Three dashes and a dot


We have identified images of “idea” and “protection” as our primary images for the concept of the future logotype. The most traditional and sustainable symbols for the mentioned terms are images of light bulb and brain (that typically is associated with ideas and intelligence), as well as all sorts of security attributes for the protection: shields, locks, swords, etc. However, it was decided to refuse using of these symbols due to their excessive reproduction in different logos and various clipart, as well as possible misunderstanding: similar security symbols arise certain associations with antivirus software, security systems, alarm systems and other services.

Taking into account all the above, and since the developed logotype was to be used equally in both – Cyrillic and Latin areas of the Internet, our Studio decided to introduce an alternative shortened version of Latin name for Intellectual Property Bank – IPB (acronym) and to develop a brand name based on it. Moreover, the identification of IPB could very well fit the language of big business, which was of fundamental importance for the developed logotype.

ipb compared to similar trade marks ipb

Next to similar signs


We clearly realized that for reproduction in small (icon is attached) and ultra-small formats (for using as a superscript), the logo had to be extremely simple and have a minimum number of elements to remain readable. As a result, we have created a very simple and concise sign, representing stylization of “IPB” abbreviation, without using the curvatures of “p” and “b” letters – representing it through three dashes with a dot. Successfully avoiding the rounded elements allowed the developed logotype to maintain its authenticity and not cause any associations with the signs of Copyright and Registered Trademark (© and ®).

The developed logotype is suitable to use even in extra small formats and outstrips its traditional analogues in readability. It is easy to remember, reproduce and explain – since it represents an acronym stylization. On the top of it, due to its neutral and strict form, the logotype perfectly matches business style and doesn’t affect any other signs and objects when used together.

ipb logotype

Key characteristics of the sign:
– Suitable to use in small and extra small formats;
– Easy to explain (abbreviation styling) and reproduce.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Agasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Manager
Mark Levitsky – Graphic Design