“Kino, Vino and Domino” Winery Restaurant

Logotype and brand identity design. Moscow, Russia - 2018

“Kino, Vino i Domino” (“Movies, Wine & Domino” Russian ) is a restaurant – winery project, providing a long and pleasant stay and located in the “October” Cinema, Moscow. The name, suggested by the customer sounds playful and has many meanings. On the one hand, it indicates the winery located in the cinema building, and on the other – refers to the metaphor of the most active age of a man’s life – where this combination symbolises carefree leisure, dating and socializing.

Accordingly, our task was to reflect both meanings of the project’s name – in the logotype and corporate style, spicing it with a certain amount of irony and game.





We selected two associative elements of the facility as a basis for the brand name. A bottle and a glass of wine, presented in a unique manner: the silhouette of the bottle falls on a wine glass, symbolizing both – the domino effect and the cheerful mood of the restaurant.

The corporate writing of “Kino, Vino i Domino” is made in bold typeface with a slight rounding of the corners. The overall composition of the logo is close to а square shape, which, in combination with the rest of the elements, visually provides a stable spirit. At the same time, it was decided to omit the union “and” in the name of the logotype, since it doesn’t affect the semantic construction of the expression. The logo is crowned with a “Winery” corporate descriptor – as simple and easy to read as possible, using the classic “Arial Bold” font.

Kino Vino Domino - Colors

Logotype and brand colors



Kino Vino Domino -Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity elements


Wine-red and black were selected as the main colors of the brand, while gray and blue-green are secondary ones. The studio has developed a complete package of branded elements – from loyalty cards to staff uniform. Both, full logotype version and brand name are equally used – clearly indicating the specification of the restaurant, as well as reflecting the playful mood of the brand.

Agasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Manager
Mark Levitsky – Graphic Design