Mansion in the Moscow region

Concept development and design solution. Moscow, Russia - 2012

The design concept behind this custom residence was development of a design solution for the private mansion (total area -1600 sq.m), that will take you back to the days of classic Italian architecture, as well as concept of development of the land with a total area of 1.8 hectares.

The mansion was designed according to the client’s demands, taking into account the peculiarities of the land. As the house was built in the forest area with centuries-old pine, it became paramount to create a harmonious transition between the architecture and the landscape. Located almost in the center of the exclusive piece of land, the building features car and pedestrian access, ending with a lawn. The roundabout is organized in front of the main entrance and the grand balcony that is located in the center of the building. On the left and right sides of the mansion’s central part – the car garages and the technical rooms are located.

The two-story mansion features a backyard with a winter garden under the pyramid roof-light, located in the center of the building. The first level serves as a guest area, consisting of a fireplace room, living room, dining room for 36 persons, kitchen, library and guest bedrooms – connected by arched galleries with indoor gardenings. Each of these suites has their own unique theme, providing a backdrop for the homeowners’ lifestyle. The second floor resembles four bedrooms with side balconies, bathrooms and dressing rooms, as well as a central balcony. The basement of the mansion consists of a wine cellar, gym, sauna and several technical rooms.

The mansion’s exquisite architecture and custom detailing contributes to its dramatic presence. The design of the territory is performed according to the canons of classical European landscaping – from planting scheme of the trees and bushes to the pedestrian paths that connect the mansion with the tea-gazebos, large open-air patio, etc.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management, Architecture
Armen Danielyan – Architecture, Engineering
Alexey Kavtaradze – Technical Documentation
Sirajudin Yahyalov – Visualizations