“Pentas” Companies Group

Logotype series, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2011

One of the leaders of Moscow FMCG market – “PIVDOM” company, approached “Zelyoni” studio in 2011. With the history of more than two decades in the beer market, distributing beverages and snacks, “PIVDOM” currently was in process of setting up number of divisions – not related to the company’s main activities. The assignment of developing a logotype inline with a new brand identity – included two actually conflicting requirements: to keep the existing reliable name “PIVDOM”, and at the same time – to have a logotype free of any beer related themes – conveying reliability, trust and environmental friendliness. On the top of that, the new brand identity should be capable to be adapted for all subdivisions of the holding.

After a long search for appropriate symbols, identification of possible forms, as well as study of the paths and concepts of the company – we decided to create an umbrella brand with a single symbol that is provided with an individual content for the each of the divisions of the holding. The developed symbol – a simplified image of the shield, designed as a pentagram in a pure geometric form, allowed to express the necessary feelings and was associated with the modern family emblem.
In addition, we have offered a name for the managing company of the holding – “PENTAS”, formed from the Greek “penta” – five, successfully combined with the new logo and indicating directly the owners of the holding – five Simonyan brothers.

We decided to use a pure form of a pentagon surrounded by a contour – as a logotype for the managing company “PENTAS” and used the same form filled with the content relevant to the branches profile – for each of its units.

The trademark of “PIVDOM” group of companies became a pentagon – divided into four triangles by three upwards rays, colored in shades of green and blue – combining dynamics and volume and causing direct associations with nature: green meadow divided by the river. The associations with nature and landscape were further emphasized by implementation of additional elements of the corporate identity – simple geometric forms of green and yellow, which are clearly associated with trees and the sun.

“AL-TRADE” company, specializing in draft beers, got a logo – divided into two sectors of light gray and yellow colors, associated with the beer. “Standard” – logistics company got a pentagram, designed in the form of a sealed parcel with an arrow up and forward. “TARATREYD” company, which specializes in recycling – has a green lawn with a ladybug trimmed in the form of a pentagram. And finally, Simonyan Family Charity Fund got a light blue pentagram, symbolizing the sky with a stylized white dove in the center.

Within the framework of the project, we developed a complete set of corporate records for “PENTAS”, as well as an extended implementation guide of the corporate identity of “PIVDOM” group of companies.
The corporate identity included all necessary elements from business cards and business document layouts to branded corporate vehicles, uniforms, souvenirs and promotional products, as well as the concepts of prototyping the required POSM formats. The corporate identity of the divisions of the holding – is an adaptation of the corporate style of “PIVDOM” group of companies, based on their logos, brand elements and colors.

The concept of the “PENTAS” logotype was included in the short list of the best logos of 2010 at the All-Russian Trademark Competition.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups