“Sakurami” Beauty Salons Chain

Logotype series, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2011

Branding for “Sakurajiva” holding was based on the assignment to develop an umbrella brand that would unite all of its companies: international chain of beauty salons, art gallery, “Sakurami” coffee houses chain, “Nobu” beauty institute and “Sakurami Gifuto” gifts service. The new visual image had to reflect the values and philosophy of the company, highlighting its Japanese origin.

“Sakurami” – the brand name of the holding, stands for the process of contemplation of the cherry blossoms in Japanese. However, at the stage of the brand-name development, our designers immediately rejected the most trivial versions, such as – sakura flowers, trees, birds or female silhouettes – due to their replication, as well as consistancy with the female audience, while a significant segment of the holding’s consumers were men.

After a closer study of the traditions and classical attributes of Japanese culture, we found a symbol corresponding to the visual mage of the brand – Japanese foldable fan. The Japanese foldable fan is a Japanese symbol of longevity, indicating the high status of the owner in ancient times; a sign of theatricality, transformation and flirt, as well as – the traditional samurai weapon, reflecting its masculine side – corresponding to the brand’s ideas, declaring its commitment for excellence and strength.

For the main logotype and writing, our team came up with the idea of a single monochrome image of the fan, that was filled with different graphic content – for each of the companies of the holding. Thus, the head company “Sakurajiva” got a fan with a black filling, the “Sakurami” salons chain – a fan covered with a pattern of cherry blossoms; the art gallery – a fan filled with elements of paintings and engravings, augmented with sakura and paradise birds; the coffeehouses chain – a fan made up of coffee beans, “Nobu” beauty institute – an image of a girl with flowing hair that fills the shape of the fan, and the “Sakurami Gifuto” gift service got a fan filled with cherry blossoms and origami elements. In addition, Zelyoni studio has developed a corporate identity implementation guide, including all the necessary elements of branding – from business cards and letterheads to branded clothes, cosmetic and SPA accessories, club cards and souvenir products, for “Sakurajiva” management company and “Sakurami” beauty salons chain.

We have also designed original brand patterns for the design of graphic materials and corporate interiors, as well as branded panel screen for possible showcases of their newly opened salons in the largest business centers. Initially including only the naked silhouettes of Sakura trees, during the construction process, this installation was gradually supplemented with new elements – pink buds and later with cherry blossoms, playing with the name of the salons and providing additional interest towards them. “Sakurami” beauty salons chain received also a slogan – “Beauty As Art” for Russia, and its English version – “Beauty Into Art” – for the international salons of the chain.


Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting