“KINOKVARTAL” Multiplex Cinemas

Logotype, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Moscow, Russia - 2016

As part of the launch of a multiplex, located in the shopping center “Ivan Kalita” (South Moscow), our studio had the task to develop its concept, naming and a full set of corporate style elements.
According to the specific features of the complex’s location and target audience, that mostly consists of 12-18 year old teenagers; we decided to implement an urban theme as a basis for the visual image of the brand. Such а solution allowed noticeably a new multiplex among similar projects in this area, attracting more young visitors.

Chosen concept inspired the name of the complex – “KINOKVARTAL” and was reflected in the design and concept of applying navigation infographics throughout the complex, as well as in the interior design, a whole.


We used an original “KINOKVARTAL” writing as a logotype for the complex – made in a poster style with serifs – providing a good readability of the name. Additionally, our designers created a mascot- character – that can be successfully implemented for various materials of the complex, corresponding to the overall style of the new brand. The created character serves as an alternative to the usual elements of movie theatres’ branding, such as: cinema screens, cameras, films, etc.
Corporate identity included a character – the boy with a slingshot, looking out of the corner is used inline with “I wonder what will happen” slogan, relating both to the movie theater and the curious teenage hooligan, that provides navigational clues and appears in the animations before the films.

Zelyoni studio has developed a complete set of branded products for the cinema: business and discount cards, business document formats, tickets, flyers, navigation elements, cinema bar menu and the concept of layouts for the promotional materials, as well as prepared their detailed guidance.

In addition, our designers created a number of branded products – customized for the youth audience of the complex: for example, the usual clothe-tags were designed in a form of multi-colored silicon bracelets. The information printed on the tickets was arranged in a way to be easily perceived, allowing the use of the ticket as an additional advertising platform. Apart from this, Zelyoni studio also developed a full set of branded navigation icons, signs for the cinema halls, bar, restaurant and other areas, which, according to the interior concept, were applied on the walls – using graffiti and screen printing, emphasizing the urban theme and simplifying greatly the development costs

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic design
Tatiana Maschenko – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting
Philip Repin – Visualizations