“Polar Star” Hotel Complex

Logotype, corporate identity and implementation guide development. Norilsk, Russia - 2017

In the framework of reconstruction of the “Polar Star” hotel complex, our studio was assigned to develop a complete set of elements for the Hotel’s corporate identity.
The hotel building is located in the historical center of Norilsk, carrying significant architectural value for the city, setting a benchmark of Stalinist Empire style of the 1950’s.
Since creating a link between the architecture of the hotel and the visual image of its brand is traditionally preferred, especially in cases where the building has a historical value – we decided to use it as a basis for the visual image of the renewed brand.


The trademark “Polar Star” is a three-dimensional fragment of the hotel’s building, inscribed in an oval shape – providing the visual image with the concept of historical stability and successfully harmonizing with the majestic style of the building. The “Polar Star” writing and the necessary descriptors are performed using classical art-deco fonts, combining the characteristics of the historical truth, reliability and high status. At the same time, they are not overplayed with the excessive vintage – to keep the iconic logotype up-to-date and to correspond with the present perceptions about the luxury sector hotel identity. Gray color, in combination with blue-turquoise shades were selected as a main color scheme for the brand elements – in accordance with the original and readable color of the building’s facade.

Within the framework of the project, our studio developed a full package of branded components for the hotel complex: several business card templates for managers and employees, branded letterheads, envelopes inline with the necessary documentation formats, as well as branded badges and badges for the personnel.
In addition, “Zelyoni” have developed all formats of the necessary printed products – restaurant menu, guests welcome cards, laundry coupons, etc., as well as the promotional materials: advertising leaflets and corporate Z-card with a city map, layouts for printed advertising and thematic flyers.

Alternatively our designers have worked out the concept for the outdoor advertising, focused both – on the promotion of the brand as a whole, and on the promotion of individual services. The proposed concept included regulations on prototyping of outdoor advertising, examples of visual images and a set of slogans – for the promotion of individual services of the complex.

Another major part of the work on the corporate style of the hotel complex -was the development of the necessary branded products designed for the hotel guests. We have created the design of the electronic keys for the complex, inline with the envelopes in which they are being presented to the guests.
Inspired by the concept, we have also developed the main principles for the hygiene products branding: shampoo and shower gel bottles, shaving and manicure kits, shower caps, combs, toothbrushes, etc., branded towels, bathrobes, napkins, branded sugar, chocolate as well as holders for the bottles of the hotel mini-bar. In addition, we have created “Do not disturb” and “Please clean my room” door hangers and the club cards for the special categories of clients – made of steel with engravings.
“Zelyoni” studio thoroughly developed the concepts of internal navigation for the hotel complex, creating a complete set of navigation elements – from hotel room signs to navigational signs, which are used throughout the complex. The proposed elements are made carried out using readable pictograms and fonts, equipped with a backlight illumination – for better visibility.

Aghasi Kntekhtsyan – Project Management
Vadim Tischenko – Graphic Design
Vahagn Ayvazyan – Graphic design and mockups
Philip Trufanov – Copyrighting
Sirajudin Yahyalov – Visualizations